Overall Health and Dental Health - Seeing a Dentist in Seattle

I have been a dentist in the greater Seattle, WA area for many years. My services range from cosmetic dentistry, to smile enhancement, basic dentistry, and even single visit dental restorations through CEREC technology. Some of my patients will visit me only once, assuming that getting dental care once every 10 years is all that is necessary to achieve good oral health. Unfortunately, there are many other factors necessary to achieving a healthy smile. Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins C and D, for instance, will help your smile improve, while also aiding in your overall health. An article written by the Leader Post points to the scientific findings stating "Mouth the key to good overall health."

"I think that people are finally recognizing that you can't really take your teeth aside, put them over there, and think this is not really related to what's happening to my body,'' says Luke Shwart, president of the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry. "It's an integral part of your body."

What do you think? Does your overall health relate to your dental health? This Seattle dentist thinks so.

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