Military Dental Research - Low Funding

As a dentist in Seattle, I have come across many different cases. Some patients need basic dental treatment, while others may need extreme treatment. What few people know is that Seattle isn't too far from Fort Lewis, a military training camp near Olympia Washington. Because of the proximity, it is not unlikely that I will treat someone from the military here and there. Because of this, you can understand my surprise when I came across a headline: Military dental research funding 'woefully inadequate,' ADA testifies. I highly suggest you checkout this article, but be prepared, there are some images of war wounds included. Here's a snippet from the article:

he Association in graphic Senate testimony urged modest increases in the "woefully inadequate" and declining budget for military dental research into facial reconstruction and the wounds of war.

What do you think? Should funding be improved? As a dentist, I think it definitely should, but you might have other opinions. I'm open to your thoughts.

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