Southcenter Dental Patient Reviews

Dr. Baruffi serves the Western Washington community with superior dental service. See what his patients have been saying about him.Dr. Baruffi and his staff are always friendly, professional, and helpful. I also believe that Dr. Baruffi and his staff respect my opinion and personal needs when it comes to the care of both my and my daughter's teeth. I had severe dental anxiety before I came to Dr. Baruffi.
-Lisa R.

The staff are friendly and kind. They treat you like a QUEEN!
-Sharon J.

He's been my dentist since my teeth came in! He's the greatest!
-Andrea S.

He is kind and makes me feel very comfortable. I also really like the hygienist Kim. She always makes me feel comfortable and is fun to talk to. The staff are willing to answer questions and are friendly as well.
-Amy B.

The whole staff has a positive professional attitude.
-Joseph W.

I know I can count on the best modern dental care. -Frith M.

He is soooo nice. I am a brand new patient and the day my Partial was ready wass his day off. He came in to work on his day off so I could be fitted and receive my Partial. He really cares and that makes me feel good.
-Kristen P.

The service that I receive from Dr. Baruffi and his entire staff is professional, courteous, and outstanding!
-Simon R.

They've seen me for so long now that the dentist and his staff are all very friendly with me. It's nice to be treated that way! And he retains his staff so you know they're happy there and he takes good care of them.
-Megumi S.

I find the dentist and his staff to be professional, up front and caring.
-Bonnie R.

I’ve been a patient for 14 years and built up trust & personal relationships over that time, not just with doctor, but also with the staff.
-Jill M.

Friendly, prompt service!
-Kenneth L.

These folks are top of the line and extremely caring. What other dentist will watch the sunrise with his patients and staff on early morning appointments? Fabulous! Bravo Dr B.!
-Helena V.

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