Continuing Education at Southcenter Dental

10414587_926672800691656_1450554088356044266_nHere at Southcenter Dental, we want to always be at the forefront of the dental profession, which requires that we use the best tools available to ensure patients that they are receiving the most optimum care possible. This year, at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference in Bellevue, WA, our entire office attended “The Bottom Line”, an all-day class about the latest in dental materials and equipment. It was presented by Gordon Christensen, a prosthodontist who is the largest independent tester in the dental profession.

We learned about so many new ways to create an outstanding dental experience for our patients, and were excited to hear that we were already practicing many of the techniques Dr. Christensen recommended! Our 40 years of experience has taught us a lot about what makes our Tukwila patients smile!

While Drs. Jerome and Austin Baruffi often attend continuing education courses on clinical procedures, this seminar gave our entire team a chance to learn more about why clinical decisions are being made. We enjoyed being able to grow our knowledge as a team and look forward to implementing new materials and technology during your next visit!

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