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Healthy gums, healthy hearts!

August 20th, 2010

Periodontal disease, known also as gum disease, is far more common than you may think. Each year, new studies begin to link the effect gum disease can have on the heart, and our staff at Southcenter Dental have been helping spread the word! One of the simplest steps to achieving healthier gums can be your diet. We recently found a great article outlining several options for healthier gums. Included among the suggestions were:

*Green Tea
*Whole Grains

In addition to these foods being gums-friendly, they are healthy foods in general, and a great option to begin integrating into your diet. Hope these tips help! Enjoy your weekend!

National Smile Week at Southcenter Dental!

August 12th, 2010

This week marks National Smile Week, and an ideal time to remind patients of Dr. Baruffi and Dr. Neilson to practice good oral hygiene to keep those teeth shining and happy! This includes brushing and flossing regularly, avoiding foods that can stain your teeth such as tea and coffee and visiting our convenient Tukwila office every six months or as recommended.

The American Dental Association, or ADA, recommends the following for good oral hygiene:

• Brush your teeth twice a day with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste. Replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush won't do a good job of cleaning your teeth.

• Clean between teeth daily with floss or an interdental cleaner. Tooth decay–causing bacteria still linger between teeth where toothbrush bristles can’t reach. This helps remove the sticky film on teeth called plaque and food particles from between the teeth and under the gum line.

• Eat a balanced diet and limit between-meal snacks.

• Visit Southcenter Dental on a regular basis for professional cleanings and oral exams.

Lastly, a great reason to smile is this: smiling can actually help you live longer according to a new study! Have you visited our office lately for a cleaning or checkup? If not, give us a call at 206.575.1551 to set up an appointment! Summer is a great time for a visit - we even have some Saturday hours available!

Ask Dr. Baruffi: what’s the deal with flossing?

August 5th, 2010

It's important to floss regularly, says Dr. Jerome Baruffi. We hope you're not a part of the 51 percent of Americans who don’t floss daily. Or worse, we hope you're not part of the 10 percent who never floss at all. Our staff at Southcenter Dental will always tell you that proper flossing is just as important for your dental health as brushing regularly. Flossing cleans food and plaque that build up between teeth and below the gumline, key areas that brushing simply cannot reach.

Flossing 3-to-5 minutes everyday is recommended, but even 60 seconds of flossing has a great benefit over not flossing at all. Also, make sure to always brush your teeth after you floss, and to rinse with water or mouthwash. When you begin flossing you may experience gum pain or bleeding, but with daily flossing and brushing this should stop within a week or so.

On a side note, has it been at least six months since your last checkup at Southcenter Dental? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to schedule an appointment by calling 206.575.1551!

We hope you're having a wonderful summer.

The advantage of Invisalign® treatment at Southcenter Dental

July 28th, 2010

Hey parents! If you've been focusing on your kids' teeth and oral health so much that you're neglecting your own. but have thought about having your own set of perfectly-aligned teeth,we've got the clear solution for you. If you've been thinking wistfully about having your own set of perfect teeth, our staff at Southcenter Dental can help! We are specially trained to offer an adult-friendly option for straightening teeth called Invisalign.

This course of treatment consists of a set of clear aligners that are molded to fit your teeth using a proprietary technology. You wear them all day and night, except for meals, brushing, and flossing – when you can easily slip them out to make eating and cleaning a snap!

Because they're clear, your teeth will be steadily straightening – and no one will know it but you! Please give us a call at 206.575.1551 to set up a consultation, so you can discuss the specifics of your treatment with Dr. Jerome Baruffi, who is a Premier Invisalign Provider in the greater Seattle area.

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