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July 19th, 2008

Learn more about CEREC single visit dental restorations with this video:

Proof of Dental Health's Importance

July 10th, 2008

A great testament to the importance of overall dental health occurred this week when the state of Kentucky joined 9 other states who have a law requiring students to get a dental exam before entering public school. I've spoken quite often of the importance of good dental health, and Kentucky lawmakers are trying to do the same. The main question I have is, why are there only 10 states with this law?

"A primary goal of the bill is to establish a 'dental home' for continued dental care for thousands of Kentucky children entering school, instead of simply continuing what many times ends up to be crisis care, and also to break the continuing cycle of poor oral health, which now places Kentucky as the worst state in the union in their effort to address this epidemic," Dr. John A. Thompson, editor for KDA publications, told the ADA News.

What do you think? Does this law go over board, or is it right on par with how things should be?

Oral Piercings and Your Overall Dental Health

July 3rd, 2008

The other day a patient stepped into my office with what she called a "labret piercing." It was a piercing in her chin or lower lip. She had been complaining of pain on her lower teeth and instantly I knew that the piercing was causing it. You see, the back end of the piercing had been banging up against the front of her lower teeth, causing the enamel on her teeth to ware off! Now, oral piercings are definitely all the rage for an overall aesthetic look, but looking hip today, can cause you to look not so great tomorrow.

Researchers at the Department of Oral Rehabilitation, School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University found that 20% of people with oral piercings (a tongue or lip piercing) are at high risk for tooth fractures and gum disease! The next time you consider getting a piercing, think twice.

My patient ended up taking out her piercing, and I'd say it was just in time.

Dental Assisting

June 26th, 2008

Every good dentist needs a great dental assistant working with him/her to help build amazing smiles. As a dentist in Seattle, WA, I find that my practice is only as good as its weakest link. Lucky for me I have an amazing team of smile specialists.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dentist? Maybe consider attending a dental school or getting into dental assisting. According to the American Dental Association's news feed, dental school tuitions have gone down and are 33% less for instate tuition vs. out of state.

Consider the many benefits of a career in making people smile! I love watching the evolution of my patients' smiles by providing them with dental restoration, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and basic family dentistry. If you're interested in becoming a dental assistant or a dentist, feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I'll be happy to offer up advice.

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