Cosmetic Dental Solutions at Southcenter Dental in Tukwila, WA!

At Southcenter Dental in Tukwila, we have seen patients get a new job, partner, and transform their identity with the stronger self-esteem they have with their new smile. Smiling is a universal sign that is understood around the world to portray happiness, friendliness, and confidence. We want you to be proud of your smile!

Cosmetic dentistry works backward from the ideal result rather than attempting to fix individual problems. This big-picture perspective allows us to focus on making your smile beautiful. At Southcenter Dental in Tukwila, we offer an extensive variety of choices to help you achieve a brighter, more confident smile, like:

Dr. Jerry Baruffi, Dr. Austin Baruffi and the entire team here love watching patients get their new smiles and are proud to be a part of such a transformational part of their lives! If you are afraid to smile and want to improve your confidence, request a consultation with us today! At Southcenter Dental, we offer an extensive variety of advanced cosmetic dental treatment options. With our knowledge and technology, we make getting a beautiful and healthy smile easy for each of our patients!

We treat patients like family here at Southcenter Dental! Every patient requires a different variety of procedures to achieve a perfect smile. Your dentist will take photos and models to map out the process and discuss it with you. We take care to create a comprehensive treatment plan that may or not include referrals to other specialists. We love ensuring you receive optimum care. Whether you need a simpler procedure, like bondings, crowns, or veneers, or a more complex case, like using Invisalign to realign the teeth and make room for an ideal smile, you're in good hands at Southcenter Dental!

For more detailed smile makeovers and nervous patients, we offer a wide range of sedation options for patients including nitrous, oral and intravenous sedation. Our goal with sedation is to safely maximize your comfort at your appointments. With sedation, it is common you will not remember your appointments and just wake up with a smile that you love!

We want to help you feel more confident about your appearance! Contact Southcenter Dental today at (206) 575-1551 and schedule your smile makeover with a cosmetic dentist today!

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