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Smile wide and often! From Dr. Baruffi and Southcenter Dental

March 31st, 2010

Dr. Baruffi
has some good news to report! People with big, happy smiles may actually out-live those who don’t, according to a new study conducted at Wayne State University in Michigan.

Our staff knew that positive emotion has been linked to both physical and mental health, but researchers at the university did something quite interesting: they used information from the Baseball Register to look at photos of 230 players who began their baseball careers prior to 1950 and studied their smile intensity (wide smile, no smile or partial smile). The players' smile ratings were then compared with data from deaths that occurred from 2006 through last year.

The researchers then took into account other factors associated with longevity, such as body mass index, or BMI, career length and college attendance. They found that players who weren't smiling died at the average age of 72.9 years. Players with partial smiles lived to be 75. Those with big smiles, however, lived on average to be 79.9 years old!

The take-away from the new study? Smile now, smile often and you might just live longer! Have you perfected your smile by visiting Southcenter Dental lately? If not, give us a call today at 206.973.8211!

The importance of flossing, with Dr. Baruffi

March 26th, 2010

It's important to floss, says Dr. Baruffi. The question is: are you a professional flosser? Head over to our web site and you'll learn how to floss like a champion!

On a side note, has it been at least six months since you've been to an appointment at Southcenter Dental? If the answer is yes, perhaps it's time to schedule one!

Happy Thursday!

Wishing you a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day (and night), from Southcenter Dental

March 18th, 2010

Dr. Baruffi wants to know: Did you remember to wear green when you stepped out this morning? Whether Irish or not, millions of people in the U.S. and around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day with toasts, parades and "the wearing of the green." We hope you stay safe and enjoy your night out tonight!

5 tips to avoid plaque, from Dr. Baruffi

March 8th, 2010

Nobody likes getting plaque on their teeth. Here are five other ways you can avoid that dreaded enemy of the teeth, courtesy of our friends at WebMD.

Let’s start with not brushing regularly. Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste is vital to a healthy mouth. Make sure you softly brush all the surfaces of your teeth.

Next on the list is not flossing daily: a simple daily flossing between teeth clears away plaque before it can cause damage and can also clean plaque at the gum line. Plaque is known to reach the spaces between teeth.

Also, evading a trip to visit Dr. Baruffi is probably not a great idea. Let’s say you brush and floss daily. You’re still at risk for plaque. With time, the plaque hardens and turns into tartar. Consider visiting your dentist at least twice a year, and you have a lower chance of getting cavities or losing your teeth.

You’ll also want to stop avoiding those fruits and veggies. Believe it or not, there are foods out there that play a key role in keeping plaque off our teeth. They include apples, carrots, cucumbers and other raw fruits and vegetables. You can still eat these types of fruits and veggies if you have braces, but be sure to cut them up into bite sized pieces to avoid breaking off brackets.

Finally, before you pick that candy up, remember to not give in to your sweet tooth. Consuming sugary drinks or eating candy or other junk food allows sugar to stick to our teeth. The bacteria, then, becomes plaque, which turns into acid and damages our teeth. Avoiding these five bad habits keeps your plaque in check and your mouth as healthy as can be. If you have any questions, visit our web site on oral hygiene, or contact our office at 206.973.8211.

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